Lightweight, Chase ABS 5000 Service Doors open manually with minimal resistance and gently close by gravity. They provide exceptional value for a variety of applications including retail, supermarkets, restaurants and any other light to medium duty applications where durability, aesthetic appeal and low costs are considerations. Café style door with gate hinge also available.


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Black Black

Cloud_Gray Cloud Grey

Medium_Brown Medium Brown

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White White

Door Panel

Lightweight, durable doors are constructed of ¼” textured ABS plastic and resists dents, gouges and abrasions during normal use. Optional impact plates are attached with locking fasteners for easy replacement.

Back Edge Spine

The entire length of the panel is reinforced at the back with 3 layers of 6” wide x ¼” thick ABS material, allowing for superior impact resistance and virtually eliminating broken spines.f


Both upper and lower hinge assemblies are bolted through our exclusive ¾” thick back-edge spine, as opposed to the panel, for added strength and durability.

Window & Frames

Standard vision panels are 14” x 16” scratch resistant polycarbonate set in vacuum formed frames for a clean, low profile look and centered 60” from the floor.

  • Supermarket
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Institutional
  • Food Service

  • Windows
  • Hinge Guard
  • Impact Plate
  • Cart Guards/Rub Rails