Chase SRP 5000 Service Doors are ideal for use in retail stores between stock rooms and the sales floor and any other application where an attractive, lightweight, durable and affordable traffic door is a consideration. This door is easy to install and can be maintained with minimal effort. Café style door with gate hinge also available.


Beige Beige

Black Black

Cloud_Gray Cloud Grey

Chocolate_Brown Chocolate Brown

Metallic_Gray Metallic Grey

Red Red

White White

Door Panel

Lightweight, durable doors are constructed of 1/2” thick USDA accepted stress relieved high-density polyethylene. Door panels are textured and have the color throughout, hiding normal dents and scratches. HDPE material meets industry standards maximum allowable panel deflection of a 1/4″ per 36″. f

Edge Capping

Stainless steel back channel presents a clean, finished appearance and provides extra edge protection.

Leading Edge

Leading panel edge is beveled for safety.


Proven hinge system mounts to the jamb with offset cam system and hardened rollers, for years of service with minimal maintenance.

Windows & Frames

Windows are 9” x 14” acrylic set in black rubber molding.

  • Supermarket
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Institutional
  • Food Service
  • Prisons/Correctional

  • Windows
  • Bumpers
  • Impact Plate
  • Cart Guards/Rub Rails