LDC D150

8’0” W X 8’0” H openings

Generally designed to suit 8´ wide x 8´ high openings. The Series D150 reduces pressure against the building wall unlike conventional pads while creating a tight energy saving seal against the back of the truck.

A one piece air bag construction with a unique internal baffle system creates a square faced design increasing contact area. This design ensures that off-centre trailers & even trailers that are not spotted square to the opening are sealed.

  • SAVE hundreds of dollars in reduced energy costs
  • IMPROVE working conditions by keeping dust, dirt, debris & insects out
  • PROTECT product & personnel from harsh weather conditions
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY by providing a safe & comfortable working environment
  • DURABLE range of Hi-Performance fabrics to choose from
  • CUSTOM sizes available




  • Square faced design creates larger contact area against truck
  • Pressure treated non-rot wood framing
  • 24″ yellow guide stripes for accurate truck placement
  • Externally mounted motor with galvanized protective hood
  • Higher wedged header design seals a variety of trailers
  • Custom sizes and projections available
  • Available in 22 oz Hi-Tear Vinyl or rugged 16 oz Hi-Tear Hypalon

Customize Your Dock to Suit Your Specific Needs


customize-incline Incline approach

customize-beveled Beveled air bags (Top view) D150 only

customize-decline Decline approach


You can customize your dock seal with the ideal fabric for your application from a wide range of colours and fabrics available.

  • 14 oz Hi-Tear Vinyl customize-black
  • 22 oz Hi-Tear Vinyl customize-colors
  • 32 oz Hi-Tear Vinyl customize-black
  • 40 oz Hi-Tear Vinyl customize-colors
  • Hi-Performance Artic Seal customize-black
  • 16 oz Hi-Tear Hypalon customize-black
  • 40 oz Hi-Performance Hypalon customize-black