The PRO-T is designed for use on commercial/industrial sectional overhead doors with standard lift tracks.

Commercial/industrial continuous duty belt drive trolley operator

* UL325 (2010) compliant

When ordering a PRO-T operator, supply us with the following information:

  • Door height
  • Door width
  • Horsepower
  • Voltage/Phase
  • Safety Devices
  • Options



  • 2 year Warranty
  • 3 Control Circuit Options Available: 1-(M) Heavy duty reversing contactor with mechanical & electrical interlock incorporating the new UL325 (20l0) Interface Module. *C2 factory wiring standard (constant pressure close), B2 wiring can be field set by moving 1 jumper and installing Micanan monitored fail safe photo eyes (supplied) or (optional) Micanan compatible monitored fail safe electric edge 2- (E) Full Function Smart 10.0 Logic control board featuring on-board receiver with antenna, enhanced program selections to include B2, C2, D1, E2, T & TS and supplied with Micanan monitored fail safe photo-cells or {optional} Mlcanan monitored fail safe electric edge *C1 factory pre-set mode of operation standard (constant pressure open & close) 3- Heavy duty reversing contactor with mechanical & electrical interlock. (Not avallable in US or other areas where Ul325 (2010) is mandated} *C2 factory wiring standard, B2 wiring can be field set by moving 1 jumper. Provisions for standard reversing devices.
  • 24V class 2 control circuit with 40VA transformer to protect against short circuit
  • External radio control terminal strip
  • Low friction powder metal limit cam nuts with fully adjustable rotary type limit switch assembly
  • Three button open-close-stop control station Nema-1
  • Continuous duty industrial motor with overload protection
  • Motor removable without affecting limit settings
  • Low headroom clearance design (9.5″)
  • Heavy duty 5L V-belt
  • #41 roller chain & sprockets on all internal drives
  • Adjustable friction clutch
  • 3/4″ permanently lubricated & sealed ball bearings on pulley shaft
  • 1″ permanently lubricated & sealed ball bearings on final drive shaft
  • Emergency quick release disconnect for manual operation
  • #48 roller chain drive on 1/3, 1/2 HP models
  • #41 roller chain drive on 3/4, 1 HP models
  • Trolley track for doors up to 12′ standard
  • Door speed 12″ per second
  • Baked on dark grey coat finish
  • Shipping weight 80 Ibs {excludes ralls}



  • On-board open, close, stop push buttons.
  • Built-in 372 Mhz radio receiver
  • Programable timer to close
  • Programable mid stop
  • Maximum run timer
  • 1.5 sec time delay reverse
  • Programable delay on close
  • On-board fuse protection
  • Plug in board option
  • New vision lights