Portes Olympique offers a wide range of accessories to meet your loading dock needs. Including lamps, bumpers and wheel chocks.

Dock levelers

Portes Olympique offers a wide range of dock levelers easy to use, to optimize the performance of your loading dock area. U-Series or A-Series levelers are an ideal solution for multiple loading applications, combining efficiency and safety.

Dock lifts

Portable and semi-portable LoMaster dock lifts, offered by Portes Olympique, offer a great versality for loading dock operations, while reducing handling costs and damages or injuries of equipment and personnel. Dock lifts feature a wide range of functionalities and options that secure your loading area.

Scissors table

The scissors table offered by Portes Olympique allows you to raise or lower a load. Scissors provide a reliable vertical movement while supporting the table assembly.

Vehicle restraints

StrongArm vehicle restraints, offered by Portes Olympique, secure the loading and unloading of dock areas. Restraint systems are easy to install and environmentally friendly, and reliable operation reduces the risk of injury. They are also equipped with sophisticated touchscreen controls.

Conversion Kits

Conversion kits, offered by Portes Olympique, provide a complete conversion of mechanical and hydraulic dock levelers. They offer a reliable, safe and quiet operation which reduces operating costs and maintenance requirements.